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UP-USA Reaffirms Support For Dr. Kanneh’s Expulsion of Leo Mulbah, Others

UP-USA Reaffirms Support For Dr. Kanneh’s Expulsion of Leo Mulbah, Others

(Apr 16, 2014)

UP–USA reaffirms its unflinching support to Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh for Expelling both Mr. Leo Mulbah of the Defunct Georgia’s Chapter and Mr. Samuel Greaves of the Delaware Valley’s Chapter, including the Suspension of Mr. Henry Y. Kesselly, Sr. of the Minnesota’s Chapter and Mr. Arthur Quaye of the Delaware Valley’s Chapter for their Malicious Attack and Unpatriotic Acts Against UP-USA and the Ruling Unity Party led-Government of Liberia.

UP-USA as an independent Liberian organization, duly registered, incorporated, and licensed as a non-profit association under the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) in Washington, DC, USA, seizes this opportunity to reaffirm our unflinching support to Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh, as Acting National Chairman of the Unity Party in the Americas / Diaspora and the Unity Party led-Government under the leadership of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

This decision was reached after a joint meeting held on April 13, 2014 with the National Board of Directors, National Executive Committee, and other permanent members of UP-USA to discuss the expulsion and indefinite suspension of four members who went rogue in October, 2013 in an attempt to slender the reputations of the Acting National Chairman, Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh by instigating confusion in the Unity Party in the Diaspora and particularly implicating the Unity Party-led Government of Liberia in unfounded and baseless acquisitions through online publications without valid proof and/or evidence.

[WE] the officers and members of the below Six Regional Chapters of the Unity Party (UP) in the United States/Diaspora and Officers of the National Association unanimously agreed to pledge our unflinching support to you, Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh, as Acting National Chairman of UP-USA, for your commitment and dedication to UP-USA, and for your tireless effort to transform UP-USA. You have exemplified stable leadership during crucial period of the National Association, while at the same time steering UP-USA to a more unify force in the United States. We are grateful and pleased for your able leadership.

Your recent decision to expelled Mr. Leo Mulbah of the defunct and inactive Georgia Regional Chapter and Mr. Samuel E. Greaves of the Delaware Valley Regional Chapter, as well as the indefinite suspension of Mr. Henry Y. Kesselly, Sr. of the Minnesota Regional Chapter and Mr. Arthur K Quaye of the Delaware Valley Regional Chapter for violating Article XVII, Section I of UP-USA’s National Constitution is endorsed and approved by us as a National Association. 

[WE] further find no evidence to substantiate thus far that you received funding from the Liberian Government as claimed by Mr. Leo Mulbah, Mr. Samuel Greaves, Mr. Henry Y. Kesselly, Sr. and Mr. Arthur Quaye to organize a Pro-rally on behalf of the Liberian Government in New York City on September 24, 2013 to counter an Anti-rally against the Unity Party led-Government of the Republic of Liberia. 

We collectively agreed that the allegation made against you by these four renegade individuals were wicked and unpatriotic to UP-USA and most importantly to the Unity Party led-Government of Liberia. We would like to inform the general public in this public manner that the actions of these four individuals are unpatriotic and meant to disrupt, dissolve, and/or bring division among members of the Unity Party in the Americas / Diaspora and at Home.

In furtherance, after carefully reviewing the allegation brought against you, Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh, by these four unscrupulous individuals, we unequivocally concluded that the Pro-rally was organized by Liberians for Peace and Progress in the United States; a New York based and non-member organization in the United States. 

That you, Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh participated in the Pro-rally in New York City, on September 24, 2013, not as Acting National Chairman of the Unity Party in the Americas/Diaspora, but as a Liberian citizen exercising your constitutional rights to assemble with other supporters and citizens of Liberia to counter any actions that you felt were defaming to the Unity Party led-Government of Liberia, which in our purview was a bold step on your part and the right thing to do. We commend your participation and actions.

We also concluded that the actions of these four individuals are designed to tarnish the national and international image of the Liberian Government under the leadership of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, as well as to also buttress similar allegation made by our enemies against our Party and Party led-Government of Liberia in 2013. 

The behaviors of these individuals are a stark reminder of events that led to the demise of the previous administration of UP-USA almost three year ago. Regrettably, we see similar patterns being played out once again by these same unscrupulous individuals, which we cannot condone and would never allow and/or accept as a registered National Association in the Americas.

Not only have (they) these four individuals attempted to undermine the tireless efforts of unifying our Party, both at home and aboard, but have also provided credence to opposition political parties and disgruntled individuals both at home and aboard to attack the Unity Party-led government in Liberia. We view the actions and behaviors of these individuals as destructive and divisive to our Party’s unity, both at home and aboard.

Notwithstanding, assured in their egoistic indispensability, these individuals went ahead and committed the unpardonable and traitor’s act at its highest level in any political organization in the world by falsely disseminating information through online publications against the Unity Party Led-Government, naming officials of the government, while purporting to be about slandering the administration of Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh.

In their continuous effort to disrupt our unity, these individuals recently published another misleading and long article on the Liberian Journal captioned “Impeachment Proceedings: UP-USA vs Anthony Kanneh.” We implore the general public and all truth-loving Liberians to question the motives of these expelled, suspended, and impersonators. And ask them the following questions:

1. What UP-USA are they representing in the Americas/diaspora, since UP-USA under the leadership of Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh has been restructured with appointments of its leadership with the advice and consent of the National Board of Directors of UP-USA?

2. Where is the forum of their impeachment proceedings?

3. Who are their supporters and constituents, since UP-USA comprised of eight regional chapters; six of whom are signatories to this publication, while one is inactive and one abstain?

Let the general public be inform that the two impersonators in persons of Mr. Philip Jorgu and Mr. Isiah Teasley who have no legitimacy as Chairman of the Board and Acting National Chairman of UP-USA respectively.

Mr. Philip Jorgu served as Chairman of the National Board of Directors of the UP-USA until November, 2013 when he was recalled by Hon. Emilio Lolin, Chairman of the North and South Carolina Regional Chapter for medical reasons.  Hon Lolin also forwarded the name of Hon. Mike Swengbe as a replacement.

However, Mr. Philip Jorgu refused to honor the request of his local chapter through which his name was forwarded to the National Board of UP-USA as a representive. Sadly, after Mr. Philip Jorgu’s removal by his Regional Chapter, instead of working with his chapter directly, since he was recalled due to medical problem, he decided to join the expelled, Mr. Leo Mulbah, whose chapter is defunct and inactive and has never made any financial contribution to UP-USA. 

Both, Mr. Jorgu and Mr. Mulbah appointed Mr. Isiah Teasley, as Acting National Chairman of UP-USA, after they failed in their efforts to removed Dr. Kanneh from his Acting Chairmanship, claiming that he’s a pro-government surrogate. However, the action of Mr. Philip Jorgu and Mr. Leo Mulbah have no constitutional backing, neither does it have any constitutional validity. These are two individuals with no authority under our constitution. One has been recalled to his local Chapter, the other is expelled.

Mr. Leo Mulbah, a complete non-entity to UP-USA was expelled from UP-USA on October 26, 2013 for his consistent diabolical positions against the Unity Party led-Government. For example, his speech at the United Bong Convention in Iowa and his continuous dissemination of false information against the Unity Party led-Government under the leadership of President Sirleaf and Vice President Joseph N. Boakai in the media under false pretenses of attacking Chairman Anthony Kanneh were sufficient reasons to expel him from the National Association.

Like Mr. Philip Jorgu, Mr Leo Mulbah has continuously signed documents, falsely claiming to be the Secretary General of the National Board of Directors of UP-USA under the directive of his colleague, Mr. Philip Jorgu as the Chairman. These are criminal behaviors.

In furtherance, some may ask: What is it that these two individuals really want? Our answer is simple: These individuals are shameless with no integrity or credibility whatsoever. They want to see a Unity Party in the diaspora that is nonfunctional and dead. We believe that the goal of these individuals is to continuously create havoc and embarrassment to UP-USA and the Liberian Government. We have also discovered that Mr. Philip Jorgu is an Executive official of an opposition political party in Liberia.

Hon. Isiah Teasley, on the other hand, was elected Financial Secretary in 2011, along with Hon. Fredrick Sam Gibson as Chairman and Hon. Anthony A. Kanneh as First Vice Chairman of UP-USA. Chairman Anthony A. Kanneh ascended to the Chairmanship of UP-USA after the resignation of Chairman Gibson in 2012 and has served in that capacity diligently. Under Chairman Anthony Kanneh’s leadership, UP-USA has been steered to prominence, change, and credibility. 

As of this publication, legal remedies are being considered on the issue of Mr. Leo Mulbah and the other unscrupulous individuals for their consistent impersonation as officials of UP-USA; a duly registered entity in the United States.

Let it be known to the general public from this time forth, that these individuals are impersonators and are not legal officials of UP-USA.

Hon. Mike Swengbe who is a replacement of Mr. Philip Jorgu to the National Board has been very active in his official duties, since his appointment to the National Board. Recently, Hon. Swengbe was instrumental in the confirmation hearing process of three appointed officials to filled vacant positions on the National Executive Committee of UP-USA. Those recently confirmed by the National Board are:

1. Hon. Togba Porte – 1st National Vice Chairman (New York Chapter)

2. Hon. Eddison Zinnah – 2nd National Vice Chairman (New England Chapter)

3. Hon. David Saah – National Treasurer (Delaware Valley Chapter).

Why didn’t we see these individuals from the onset? Thus, it was unfortunately assumed that the expelled and suspended individuals fully supported the aspiration of UP-USA and the Mother Unity Party in Liberia. It was only through their sinister actions since 2013 that we discovered that Mr. Philip Jorgu, Mr. Leo Mulbah and others were wolves in sheep clothing among us.

Hence, we call on the general public to not take these four individuals, i.e., Mr. Leo Mulbah, Mr. Samuel Greaves, Mr. Henry Y. Kesselly Sr., and Mr. Arthur Quaye seriously as they have been expelled and suspended from UP-USA.

Two weeks ago, UP-USA sent Mr. Isiah Teasley a register mail to inform him of our decision to take legal actions against him, if he didn’t stopped from signing documents falsely claiming to be Acting National Chairman of UP-USA. Strangely, the self-proclaimed Acting National Chairman of UP-USA did not have the courage to sign for the letter, instead the letter was returned to us. What he (Teasley) failed to understand is that we will use the returned letter to show that we have attempted to contact him, but that he refused to sign for the communication; a communication that had been written to warned him to stopped his criminal action against our party.

Let the public know that we will use all necessary means to punish these individuals for their stupidity and illegal actions against UP-USA.

To closed, we thank you Dr. Anthony A. Kanneh for an excellent job done for the Unity Party in the Americas/Diaspora. Be assured that we stand by you and with you, and give you OUR fullest support to preserve, sustain, and uphold the unity we have fought so hard to maintain in the United States, as well as your efforts to transform the Unity Party in the United States.

The Six Regional Chapters of UP-USA who pledged their fullest support to you as Acting National Chairman of UP-USA are as follows:

1. Delaware Valley Regional Chapter-Pennsylvania / Philadelphia;

2. New York / New Jersey / Connecticut Regional Chapter;

3. North and South Carolinas Regional Chapter,

4. Texas West Regional Chapter;

5. Minnesota Regional Chapter, and

6. New England Regional Chapter of UP-USA

Signed by:

Hon. Togba Porte


New York Regional Chapter

Hon. Thomas Manneh


Texas West Regional Chapter

Hon. Sumo Darwulo


New England Regional Chapter

Hon. Eric G. Karsor

Acting Chairman & 1st Vice Chairman

Delaware Valley Regional Chapter

Hon. Emilio Lolin


North/South Carolinas Regional Chapter

Hon. Madame Sianna Kpanaku

Vice Chairlady:

Minnesota Regional Chapter

Hon. Chuku Welwolo

Acting Chairman:

National Board / NY-NJ-CT

Abraham Mellish

Acting Vice Chairman

National Board: Texas-West Regional Chapter

Hon. Mike Swengbe

National Board Member

North/South Carolinas Chapter

Hon. Sam Zinnah

National Board Member

New England Regional Chapter

Hon. Melvin Tarn

National Board Member

Delaware Valley Regional Chapter

Hon. Eddison Zinnah

Acting Second National Vice Chairman


Hon. Fulton Shannon

Acting National Secretary General-


Hon. David Saah

Acting National Treasurer


Hon. Karmolay Parker

National Chaplain


Editor's Note: This is a press release. TLJ is not responsible for the content of this publication.


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