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Abraham Kamara Considers Brooklyn Park City Council Run

Abraham Kamara Considers Brooklyn Park City Council Run

(Jan 23, 2014) By: Ralph T. Tolbert
Abraham Kamara, a popular Liberian immigrant, seems poised to plunge into the Brooklyn Park City council race in Nov., a credible source told The Liberian Journal (TLJ). 

According to the source, Kamara is being petitioned by a cross-section of voters, as well as well-entrenched immigrant and minority groups, to contest for a council seat in the West District of Brooklyn Park. 

Kamara, a financial expert whose community profile includes helping minority and immigrant businesses to develop capacity, create cost-effective marketing tools, and develop financial reporting systems, is widely respected in the Liberian immigrant community.

“Kamara is silently building support systems around his bid for a definite run,” the source disclosed to TLJ. “I mean, I just couldn’t believe the community heavy-weights I saw at his recent private consultative meeting in Brooklyn Park.”

Contacted to respond to inquiries about a potential run, Kamara neither confirm nor deny information about his intentions. He was, however, quick to point out that “the political landscape is looking attractive for me to consider a list of options for a city council run.”

Reactions have not been short in supply.

“We’ll do all we can to ensure that Kamara becomes a viable and formidable candidate in the 2014 Brooklyn Park elections,” Marie Wleemongar, an immigrant business woman told TLJ. “He has helped so many of us build the capacities of our businesses to weather an already challenging economic climate, especially small minority-owned businesses in the city.”

Carol Davidson, a longtime resident of Brooklyn Park, was even more exhilarated. “Oh, my God, I know that young man,” she said. “I can assure you that Abraham Kamara will be a force for good on the city council.”

Carol added that her family is willing and excited to do door-knocking for Kamara.

Kamara, a financial analyst with Blue Cross Blue Shield, previously worked as a senior financial analyst at US Foods in Plymouth, Minn. Before moving to US Foods, he enjoyed a professional stint at Provell, a Minnetonka-based marketing solutions company.

He holds a degree in finance from the prestigious University of St. Thomas, in St Paul, Minn.


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