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My Response To President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Venom (OP-ed)

My Response To President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Venom (OP-ed)

(Oct 14, 2011) By: John S. Morlu, II


So many cannot believe President Sirleaf made these statements while at the same time throwing mud at my name:

“I even said to him (John Morlu II) – and he knows (this), ‘you’ve been fighting this corruption from a place where you can’t do anything about it, let me put you in a position where you will really make an impact and a difference. He said, are you offering me a position? I said yes…”

“The third thing, he knows that I know he applied for an undersecretary position in the United Nations system…And the American government supported him in his application. It just that he did not make it... In fact they offered him another position other than the top position but he did not take it…”

President has admitted offering a man she has lambasted as being political and biased.

President Sirleaf also admitted that the MIGHTY United States supported John Morlu from Bolahun, Lofa County, Liberia for the second post at the United Nations but Morlu was offered another important post, as Chief Investigator to the UN, a D2 post and a post much higher than the post held by Sirleaf at the United Nations. I cannot be any more grateful to America, a country that has educated me and made possible for me to own a home and built a career. Additionally, a country that nominated me for such a high post, out of 308 million US population.  I remained completely unapologetic for any support I have received from the American Government. This was never a public matter but President has chosen to make it a public affairs. It is likely President Sirleaf will inform the world the value for food in my refrigerator if she knew.

I could have ended here because anything President Sirleaf says about Morlu must be viewed in this context: President  Sirleaf offered me the Minister of Finance post  on and about 18 December 2010 and I turned it down. Yes, I turned a significant post at the United Nations. I hope my critics can see that life is not always about JOB, when it comes to me. I priced principle and integrity above job and the mere conveniences of life. Innovator Steve Jobs died at age 56. My own dad died at age 61. So in the end, we shall all die one day and therefore it is important to put our personal conveniences below national interest and the interest of the larger population.

I have said time and time again, I rather die a very poor man than to lose my soul chasing down a few dollars here and there, while the vast majority of the Liberian continued to live in abject poverty, all because a few people in Government have decided to engage in rampant corruption, supported by an Executive Mansion that priced impunity higher than the people’s well being. Liberia’s rank 162 of 169 in Human Development Index, 2010 compared to Ivory Coast (149), Guinea (156) and Sierra Leone (158). President Sirleaf would have done better by focusing on how to improve the human condition in Liberia instead of focusing on a former Auditor General she allegedly recruited and sacked.

I am history! And by 17 January 2012, President Sirleaf too will be history and I hope the next Government leaves her alone and not follow her to America as she is doing to me. She will be living in North Carolina with her son Robert Sirleaf in that big mansion while I will continue to live in my little single family home in Virginia, the State of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. I planned to visit the Sirleafs in March 2012 so that we can share note on our own experiences, together.

What kind of a Liberian will be happy to be awarded a questionable Nobel Peace Prize but totally unhappy for John Morlu to be nominated for Under Secretary General of the United Nations?

Liberians should notice, unlike other high ranking officials who were dismissed, I left Liberia while the others remained in  Liberia still hoping for a second chance and a grace from Madam President. Where are the  likes of Lawrence Bropleh, Eugene Shannon etc? They are in Monrovia, all though they all claimed to have left their so-called six figure salaries in America and Europe.

Anyway, I have been out of Liberia for nearly six months, since my contract with the European Union (EU) to serve as Auditor General of Liberia, ended on 27 April 2011. Since then, I have continued to come under attack from the ruling Unity Party, the Executive Mansion and handlers of the Liberian presidency, as though four (4) years of attacks were not enough.

I am busy trying to move my career forward in corporate America so that I can continue to provide for my family, paying no head to the barrage of constant attacks from Liberia. Sometimes, I wonder when all of this will come to an end.

On 1 October 2011, FrontpageAfrica (FPA) published a lengthy interview it conducted with Liberia’s President, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The interview is full of so much venom, mudslinging, and personal attacks against me. Instead of focusing on the fundamental issues of corruption and impunity, President Sirleaf personalized the issues that sought to fight. I have reminded the Executive Mansion and its handlers that John S. Morlu, II is not a candidate for President but it appears that my persistent calls have fallen on deaf ears.

I was inclined not to respond to the venom Madam Sirleaf spilled, but on the basis of professional advice and for the public record, I would like to make the following clarifications. I will not delve into all the small issues but mainly the factual errors and contradictory statements contained in the President’s interview with FPA. I hope the public will appreciate my clarifications in this regard, as there are no personal issues between John S. Morlu, II and Madam President, Ellen J. Sirleaf.

Our differences are mainly professional disagreements on how to win the war on corruption. The President wanted a non-public and tolerating approach to the war on corruption. As a certified fraud examiner, I felt that the best way to fight corruption was to publicly name and shame persons engaged in them, in line with Section 37 (6) of the Public Finance Management (PFM) Act, 2009 and Section 53.7 of the Executive Law of 1972.  Section 37(6) of the PFM Act states “The Auditor General shall publish the audit report in the Official Gazette and make it available to the Legislature and the public within one month of the completion of said audit report.”

Section 53.7 of the Executive Law of 1972 mandates the Auditor General  “ to call to attention  in audit reports:

(a) Any officer or employee who has willfully or negligently failed to collect or receive monies belonging to the Government.

(b) Any public monies not duly accounted for and paid into an authorized depository

(c) Any appropriation that was exceeded or applied to an account

(d) Any deficiency or loss through the fraud, default, or mistake of any person; and

(e) Inadequate or ineffective internal control of public monies and assets.

When appropriate, the report shall also include recommendations for executive action or legislation deemed necessary to improve the receipt, custody, accounting and disbursement or public monies and other assets.”

So I did exactly mandated by the law; nothing less, nothing more. The law is the law and must be followed to the letter for the good of the government and the people of Liberia.

Let’s begin with a serious fundamental disagreement between the President and me.  In a statement posted on the Executive Mansion’s Website on 25 March 2011, the President said she did not re-nominate Morlu Auditor General because she disliked his “Mode of Operations”. I, too, disagreed with her mode of operations which pampered, recycled and tolerated corrupt individuals because her mode of operations did not fight corruption but sustained it and all its negative residual effects on the people of Liberia. So there is NOTHING personal. It is a fundamental policy disagreement. My commitment was to the state and the laws I swore to   fervently and conscientiously uphold. I served as the FIRST INDEPENDENT Auditor General of Liberia, refusing to transfer my loyalty to the president.

Let me turn now to the factual inaccuracies and contradictions in the President’s statements contained in the interview so as to set the public record straight. I will only dwell on the facts and not the innuendos, inconsistencies and unimaginable fairytales.

 As you read through, think on this multiple choice below and circle the correct answer at the end of the reading and think and circle the right answer whether Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is:

A. “Monkey”

B. “Political Maradona”

C. “Chameleon”

D. “Eddie Murphy” in the Movie Trading Places

E. “Wil E. Coyote,” a Looney Tunes character


In outlining the facts and the logical reasoning to expose the incoherent information contained in her FPA interview, I will not now reveal personal documents, plenty of which I have to buttress my arguments. I will limit my response to her own words in the interview; to my knowledge, she has not denied them.

President Sirleaf’s Allegation: John Morlu Hates Me

“I would have but now he’s gone so far, so far in his hatred, in his political agenda – not right away. Maybe if he changes, I always believe in redemption. If he changes, maybe, but how would he make that turnaround.”

Facts: I do not Hate President Sirleaf

I am a Christian. I do not hate President Sirleaf, neither any other human being. I wrote her book proposal and supported her to become president. Her son is a good friend of mine. I can NEVER hate her. It makes me so sad for her to think I hate her. I just disagree with her on the fundamental issue of how we fight CORRUPTION. In fact, personally I like and admire her. Professionally, we disagree on fundamental issues---the fight against CORRUPTION AND IMPUNITY.

Today, if President Sirleaf were to turn around and say, she will fight corruption forcefully and she will not protect and recycle corrupt people, we will be back on course. Therefore, she is the person who needs to turn around and acknowledge that corruption undermines the interests of all Liberians, and so she should not “put her neck on the chopping board” for public officials.

President Sirleaf knows I wrote against corruption in Charles Taylor’s Government and in the National Transitional Government of Liberia of Chairman Charles G. Bryant. She even told Liberian journalists that she likes “John Morlu’s writings.” So she needs to come to my side to fight corruption and then all will be fine.

United Nations Secretary General, U.S. Government, European Union, IMF, World Bank, ECOWAS, Global Witness, Transparency International, and International Crisis Group, etc all have accepted the audit  reports we produced at the GAC under my leadership. Former AG Morlu’s audit reports are the second most widely quoted audit reports behind the U.S. Comptroller General’s (a.k.a, Auditor General’s) reports.

In 2011, the Inspector General of the USAID conducted a Peer Review and after concluding that our audits met international standards on auditing as prescribed by INTOSAI, provisionally qualified the GAC to audit U.S. Government projects and programs, making GAC under my administration is one of the very few Supreme Audit Commissions in the third world that are qualified to audit U.S. Government’s programs. How many audit firms can meet U.S. standards in 4 years of existence?

I challenged the Government of Liberia through the Minister of Finance and international partners in April 2010 to provide the following:

• Provide documentary evidence of the US$53 plus million in General Claims and I will resign and pay the European Union back all the money it has paid me in salaries.

• Bring in international auditing firms and if they do not reach the same audit opinion, I will resign and pay back European Union all it has paid me in salaries.

My challenge was published in all the papers and it is on The Government of Liberia went mute and did not take my challenge. So as FrontpageAfrica is now famous of saying, “Shut Up.”  I provided the Government an EXIT STRATEGY to all the talk against me and it failed to rise up to it.

I appreciate these words below, although Madam Sirleaf’s timing is a little too late:

“People talk about the General Auditing Commission reports. Those reports are there, they have not disappeared, they have not been buried, that’s the punishment now left…

“But again, I say, if the Liberian people give us a second chance, punishment is going to be a priority. Those General Auditing Commission reports will be used. I have the report from the Ministry of Justice now. I just got it a month ago because they took all those reports and set up a committee to go through them to see which ones…. can go to court, which ones represent people that will be required to pay back, which ones they felt the evidence was not strong enough.

“They gave it to me about a month ago, the only thing is if I had moved on it right away in this particular period it would have been a major distraction from all of us who are campaigning. I have it on the top of my list, right after inauguration day when I’m finished with that, I’m coming right back on that and all of their recommendations I will start to move on it. And some people will go to court; some people closed to me will go to court.”

Madam President has admitted that her Minister of Justice formed a Committee to review these reports and it has concluded that some people close to her will be prosecuted. Can Madam President indicate whether the Committee found any of the audit reports not meeting INTOSAI standards? I bet you not.

Instead of saying John Morlu is political because he did not sit with me to decide who to prosecute; she has finally got it right. The Minister of Justice is responsible to decide the evidential level that she thinks can win in Court. For me as Auditor General, I passed opinion only on the basis of the sufficiency and appropriateness of evidence. The Minister of Justice looked at the Anti-Corruption Commission report against former Police Director Munah Sieh and decided the evidence was not strong to go to Court. Professionally, the Minister of Justice will contact GAC or LACC for any clarifications and additional evidence. I am glad the government’s lawyers have narrowed down and categorized the audit reports as to who will be prosecuted, made to restitute or send home free. That is the Minister of Justice prerogative, not an Auditor General.

Thank God, President Sirleaf finally getting the division of labor between an Auditor General and a Minister of Justice.  She must have gone back to her days as “Harvard Trained Economist,” and re-read on the economic theory on division of labor and specialization. Where is Robert L. Kilby?

The President’s second reason for not re-nominating me she stated “the audit reports were so political. Yes, there are some good things in there and people will be prosecuted because of them. But in each case we had so many cases of biases in those reports that would make it difficult for us to even prosecute people because of those biases.”

The President has again made a wide assertion. She is claiming that God willing when she is re-elected President by the Liberian people she will prosecute persons our audits found accountable while at the same time she is also still indicating that the very reports qualified by her lawyers are political, biased and difficult to prosecute. This is a paradox! 

GAC published the LPRC report and indicated that the Nigerian Oil Deal was not transparent as the Board of Directors was not aware of the contracting arrangement and the procurement act of 2005 was violated. In May 2011, putting her neck on the line for Mr. Harry Greaves, she said publicly that the Oil Deal was transparent. But now she has forgotten that statement. Now she says in an attempt to paint Professor Dew Mayson black. President Sirleaf exposed her own involvement in deals in Liberia:

“I don’t think so because I think Dew had gotten beyond that. I mean we were working even though the Foreign Ministry issue was there, but that was something he could have arranged with me and maybe we would have sorted it out. So I think it was just the fact that he wanted this oil deal and he didn’t get it.”

Is this not a clear example of business as usual? President Sirleaf admits that a back door deal went bad so someone got upset. As President, she gets too involve in small issues, micro level issues such as procurement and contracting as well as the payment voucher process. I warned her  in 2007, 2008, 2008 and 2010 to stay above these small issues so that her hangers-on can take the blame when things go wrong. She did not listen to me. On the basis of her own statement, she and Dew Mayson would have continued their friendship had she not gotten involved to personally denied Professor Mayson the oil deal. 

President Sirleaf Statement: 3x Corrupt with No Evidence

“I recalled at the lunch with Chancellor Angela Merkel sitting right across from me. I said to her because the German speaker brought it up. I said to her but the Auditor General who said this is a new auditor general he has not done the first audit yet.”

Facts: Morlu Presented Evidence

Morlu would have never survived as Auditor General had he not presented evidence. All international partners, President Sirleaf, Speaker Tyler and Pro-Temp Isaac Nyanbo all demanded evidence. Minister of State for Finance and Economic Affairs, Morris Saytumah has the evidence. President Sirleaf has the 3x corrupt evidence. I was asked by all including the international partners to leave it alone and not to shame the President.

Does any Liberian know why two ship docked at NPA disappeared in May 2007, as though we were watching a Russian style KGB movie? Where did Morlu find US$16.8 million in cash to add to the National Budget in 2007? Why did not the Government want to disclose the bank accounts from which I found the money? Yes, in my first two weeks as Auditor General, I uncovered US$16.8 million in cash to add to the National Budget. I also uncovered about US$33 million in revenue from Government properties being rented to cronies and the rent paid converted to personal use.

Has anyone asked why Morlu survived for 4 years? Does anyone think EU would have kept me a month longer if I did not have evidence in possession? I also remember in GEMAP Executive Meetings how President Sirleaf looked in my eyes and knocked her chest and said “40 years of my reputation, you have destroyed,” and all international partners looked down in displeasure over her personalizing my 3x corrupt statement.

She asked me whether I had anything to say; I said no because I stand by my statement and the evidence I have provided to her and that I cannot continue debating the issue. She said fine and thank you. It was my saddest moment to see an old woman being so hurt but as a man without many emotions, I down-played it and left. I could sense that she wanted me to say sorry but I did not. At that point, she had drawn the battle line, as she substituted her own reputation for a corrupt Government, corruption she called “systemic” and a “cabal.” It was now Morlu versus the corrupt system and pushed onto the bitter end, knowing that I was going to lose anyway.

Furthermore, why did the National Legislature not press me in public for evidence during the first open budget debate between me and the Government of Liberia in June 2007?  Does anyone know that President Sirleaf said that I was correct but that she inherited the 3x corrupt? Read her own statement when she served as guest speaker during Voscon opening its Forensic Division. So I do not understand why she keeps bringing up the 3x corrupt when she knows I was begged to leave it alone.

Fundamentally, does one have to conduct audit to measure the level of corruption in any business or corruption? In the modern world, we use risk analysis techniques and identification of drivers of corruption. How does World Bank do it when it publishes its Governance Report on Control over Corruption or Regularity Quality? How does Transparency International do it when it publishes its corruption barometer or corruption perception index? How does Wall Street Journal and Heritage Foundation measure Economic Freedom?

Below are a few quotes that assess President’s Sirleaf’s fight against corruption; these statements were not made by John Morlu:

“The President’s (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) popularity in the West contrasts markedly with many Liberians’ frustration – fed by failed or weak anti-corruption, decentralization and national reconciliation campaigns – that democracy has benefited some more than others. The promised fight against impunity, including implementing the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, has been tepid”—International Crisis Group, August 19, 2011

“Sirleaf has made tackling corruption a centerpiece of her presidency, but the commission set up to deal with the problem has been criticized for a lack of independence and prosecutorial power. The president has also raised eyebrows with the appointment of her sons to plum jobs at the Central Bank, National Oil Company, and National Security Agency—The Foreign Policy Magazine, August 19, 2011

“Corruption remains prevalent and a significant threat to Liberia’s democracy,” U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African affairs, Bruce Wharton, Howard University, January 2011.

“Mrs. Sirleaf’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on corruption was mocked in December when Transparency International, a Berlin-based lobby group, ranked Liberia as the most corrupt country in the world”—The Economist Magazine, September 10, 2011.

I rest my case. It is not John Morlu who is saying that Ellen Johnson led Government is corrupt.

President Sirleaf’s Allegation: Morlu Just Too Political

“Let me just say because I want it on the record. There are five reasons why I did not reappoint Morlu. It really hurt me because I think if he had worked with me, we would have made a much bigger difference on corruption. It is just that he got too political.”

Morlu Facts: No Proof that Morlu is Political

President Sirleaf and her handlers have made this statement from 2007 when I took the post. But she and her handlers have not provided a single evidence to indicate how Morlu was political. I am not a member of any party. I have not hung out with any politician in Liberia when I served as Auditor General.

President Sirleaf has never indicated in whose interest Morlu was being political, although I must admit that she invited me in November 2008 when I returned from Sierra Leone to ask me whether I wanted to be President of Liberia, since so many people in her Government has told her I wanted to be President. I joked that when I win the Presidency, I will make her Prime Minister like in Russia where Putin became Prime Minister after being President.

We laughed it off and she said to me do not worry about people gossiping in Liberia. That was the only time the President ever questioned me on politics. I told her I was not interested in the Presidency and that the surest way to draw a wedge in Liberia between the President and any other person is to tell the President that so and so want to be President. I would really appreciate for the record for President Sirleaf to really provide cogent evidence to indicate how “too political Morlu was.”

But herein lies the facts in her own statements. President Sirleaf said, “I think if he had worked with me, we would have made a much bigger difference on corruption.” She wanted us to discuss what goes in the audit report and I said no. That is not consistent with the independence of the GAC, as envisioned in law. She said, “John, this is not America,” so let us do it our Liberian way. I said no and I meant it. Most of the officials of her Government have American education and orientation so this should be an easy thing to do the right thing.  Also best practice and international standard require the right thing be done for the good of the public and transparency and accountability.

If John Morlu was too political, then how about all previous Auditors General that reported to the President and went to cabinet meetings? My immediate predecessor Auditor General Francis B.S.Johnson was a sitting Auditor General while he ran as Senator for Rivercess County on the Unity Party ticket in 2005. President Sirleaf gave him a job as Inspector General at the Foreign Ministry when he did not get elected. Is the President saying that he was not too political when he ran on the Unity Party ticket as a sitting Auditor General?

I followed to the letter of the Act creating the GAC and in it the position of Auditor General. I followed international standards on auditing as prescribed by INTOSAI. I followed international standards on Supreme Audit Institutions, namely 1977 LIMA Declarations (reconfirmed in 2008 Mexico Declarations). I had Auditors General from Ghana to South Africa supporting my work, as well as representative from UNMIL, EU sponsored Technical Assistants and World Bank sponsored Principal Auditors. Unless there is cogent evidence presented by the President to indicate I violated any laws on GAC and international standards, this statement is merely meant to throw mud at me.

Here is what she defines as being political:

“He could have worked with me we could have looked at those reports together and we could have decided who would be prosecuted and what angle to take without him compromising his independence or the fact that he was supposed to publish his reports. But he didn’t do that.”

I believe that was the work of the Minister of Justice, not the Auditor General. Doing so would have compromised my independence and so reminded the President. This is the “Mode of Operations” she wanted but I could not do that. 

President Sirleaf failed to acknowledge and appreciate that I was the first independent Auditor General in Liberia and so will receive a lot of resistance because so many in Government were not used to audit reports, much less publishing them in the papers as required by the PFM Act and Executive Law of 1972.

In concluding here is what President Sirleaf said about the General Auditing Commission under her so-called “too political” Auditor General John S. Morlu, II:

“I personally prepared the Act that made the General Auditing Commission (GAC) an independent institution, operating without fear from the powers that be. This led to the creation and the activation of the General Auditing Commission, which has been unwavering in its commitment and dedication to the fulfillment of its mandate.” Annual State of the Nation Address, Sixteenth Session of the 52nd Legislature, January 2011.

I rest my case. I am completely confused by her contradictory statements. Madam President said these words in a legal document. The Annual State of Nation Address is a Constitutional requirement.

President Sirleaf’s Statement:  Chancellor Angela Merkel Said Fired Him

“I recalled at the lunch with Chancellor Angela Merkel sitting right across from me. I said to her because the German speaker brought it up. I said to her but the Auditor General who said this is a new auditor general he has not done the first audit yet. You know what she said to me ‘fire him’. I didn’t do it. That is one of the things I regret.” 

Facts: Disclosure of Private Conservation between Two Presidents Not Supported

Like President Sirleaf, I have had the opportunity to speak to many world leaders, diplomats and high ranking government officials around the world. I will not discuss what Chancellor Angela Merkel told me or did not tell me because such discussions are personal and private matters. I am sure if Chancellor Merkel ever said such a thing, then she did not want it to be made public. Can one imagine if I went about disclosing all the private conversations I have had with world leaders?

There is a professional expectation that conversations that are private in nature are not meant to be used in public to promote one’s position against another. Is President Sirleaf going to disclose all the private conservations she had with President Obama, former Speaker Nancy Polisi, American Ambassadors, European Ambassadors, IMF Managing Directors and World Bank Presidents, etc. concerning Auditor General John Morlu just to paint me black and gain sympathy?

It is in poor taste and is professionally unacceptable to name German Chancellor Merkel just to prove a point. It is difficult to prove or disprove such statements. Can President Sirleaf provide any evidence to indicate that Chancellor Merkel said that to her? I await the evidence.

But here are the facts as I know it, without following the President’s path to disclose personal and private conversations between international partners and me. The largest paper in Germany did a positive profile of John Morlu before the conference, documenting my contributions to war on corruption and sound financial management. The speaker in Germany picked up the story and pressed the Liberian Government on it. But these were all public statements from the German press and the German Speaker.

Furthermore, Germany, France and England are the largest economies in the European Union, an institution that hired and paid me for 4 years. Initially, I had a two year contract, which was renewable for another two years. Germany supported 100 percent the renewal of my contract for another two years, while Chancellor Merkel was still in power. Had she had any problems with me and my work, she would have used her influence in the European parliament to put a stop to the contract renewal. Germany is the biggest country in the European Union and Chancellor Merkel is heading one of the world’s largest economies. She could have easily called EU and said no more contracts and that would have been it.

In fact, President Sirleaf complained to European Union women commissioners who attended a Colloquium in Liberia in 2009 and asked them not to support my contract renewal. But they refused and so my contract was renewed, with 100 percent support from the German Government. So where is the proof when my contract was renewed? But again, I am glad to know that a man like me, from Bolahun born to an uneducated woman, can be discussed by the German Chancellor.

Any reasonable person would agree that it is EXCEEDINGLY UNDIPLOMATIC to reveal private discussions between two Presidents, as Madam President has done in her unending quest to paint me black.

President Sirleaf Statement: Recruited Morlu, Not European Union

“I didn’t do it because I recruited him even though he says I didn’t recruit him and he went through an international process.”

Facts: No, President Sirleaf Did Not Recruit Morlu

The recruitment of an independent Auditor General was stipulated in the GEMAP agreement. It was opened to Liberians and non-Liberians alike. The majority of interviewers were non-Liberians. I went through the process like the other 165 people. I was the youngest but I have since learned that I was recruited because all my background checks proved clean, and that I was “proactive and unconventional.”

On 27 June 2007, President Sirleaf said in front of all GEMAP people including SRGS, Ambassadors, heads of international institutions and Government officials that she asked five (5) Liberians including me to apply because she wanted qualified Liberians to be given the opportunity to apply, although she complained that the international community wanted a non-Liberian to hold the AG’s post. Anyone can check the minutes of the GEMAP.

But let us accept for the sake of argument that President Sirleaf personally recruited John S. Morlu, II to serve as AG, what does this proves? Is she saying because she recruited me, I should fall in line no matter my professional position?

Is the President also saying the European Union conspired with her to set up a Kangaroo Recruitment process? Can we also conclude that she conspired with Dr. Allen of the Civil Service Agency to setup another Kangaroo Recruitment process for Robert Kilby, a process which is now considered scandalous and a complete flop?

Essentially and logically, it flows through that Madam President is admitting that she is in the constant habit of setting up “Fake” stuff, always pretending to the Liberian people. Any Auditor General she appoints through some vetting process is a fake because she has admitted that she conspired with the European Union and other international partners to set up a fake recruitment process. Is this an example of the “Pretense of a Woman President?”

I do not get her continued argument that she recruited me. I know after EU offered me the post, my wife did not want me to come to Liberia because I was on a career path at Unisys and she did not want me to take a two year post. The EU’s contract also did not provide health insurance and it was too costly to pay insurance from my salary as I have a child with a serious medical condition who needs constant medical attention.

I was offered the post on Thanksgiving Day in America in November 2006 but I did not go to Liberia until 27 April 2007, because I told Madam President I really was still not sure whether I wanted to make the move to Liberia. She said she really wanted me to come to assist her in Liberia. She offered for the Government to assist with health insurance and transport my hummer- 2 jeep. I declined because I did not want any extra arrangements outside of the European Union. I asked and was granted a leave of absence from Unisys. If she said she begged me to accept the EU’s offer after the process was concluded and that she considered that as recruiting me then let the public judge.

President Statement: Morlu, “An American Citizen” and UN Application

“The third thing, he knows that I know he applied for an undersecretary position in the United Nations system and he applied as an American citizen. Now, he did not disclose to me when I appointed him that he was an American citizen because people always fuss with me for sending people who are America citizens there. I didn’t know that until then. And the American government supported him in his application. It just that he did not make it... In fact they offered him another position other than the top position but he did not take it. But he was an American citizen.”

Facts: Morlu Did Not Submit Any Application

I will not get into the details so that I did not disclose the content of private conservations  with US Government officials and UN Secretary General Moon’s office. But here are the basic facts. I have NEVER submitted an APPLICATION to the United Nations. I was approached by the United States Government to NOMINATE me for Under Secretary General for Oversight at the UN, which is one of the second highest posts at the UN. I was made this offer at age 36 in December 2009 and also in January 2010.

I initially declined but was asked to re-consider.  I did. President Sirleaf needs to provide proof of the Application I submitted, because I was the only candidate NOMINATED by the United States Government as members of the UN Security Council are privileged to make nominations. President Sirleaf cannot provide an application I filled and submitted.

Of 267 candidates, the number was reduced to 113. I competed and then the number was reduced to 3, including me, a South African and a Canadian. I was offered the post of Chief of Investigations of the United Nations, a D2 post. This is equivalent to SRSG and it is higher than the post held by President Sirleaf when she worked at the UN. The salary and benefits were more than 5 times what I was making in Liberia. I turned it down and UN SG Moon accepted my reasons. I will leave the rest. Anyone wanting more information can contact the American Embassy in Monrovia, U.S. Department of State and the Office of the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

But in December 2010, President Sirleaf told me that the Americans did not inform her about the nomination. She was only told by SG Moon when she visited at the UN. She asked me to stay in Liberia and assist her because she said I was young and so I had plenty time to serve in the UN system. Please see Washington Post link for the position I was offered:

The post of Auditor General of Liberia was offered to Liberians and non-Liberians. President Sirleaf and I did not discuss anything regarding this position, except that she asked me to kindly accept and come to Liberia. But here are some additional facts:

President Sirleaf was accused by FrontpageAfrica in 2005 of being an American citizen. She too stands accused. She did not provide a single proof to exonerate herself from the accusation. In her State of the Nation Address in January, year President Sirleaf said nearly all senior Government officials hold American citizenship. She even admitted in the interview with FPA that the Senate has complained that she always sent to them Liberians holding American citizenship.  Here are some examples of people holding American citizenship in her Government:

• Senior Advisor to the President, Robert Sirleaf

• Legal Advisor to the President, Estrada Bernard

• Acting City Mayor, Mary Mbroh

• LPRC Deputy MD, Martu Tubman

• NPA MD Wookie Parker

• Former NIC Boss, Richard Tolbert

• Deputy Minister of Lands and Mines, Sam Russ

• Maritime Commissioner, Binyah Kessely

• Former Agriculture Minister, Chris Toe

• Former Minister of Public Works, Loseni Donzo

• Security Personnel are all American citizens

• Etc

I could go on and on. But why is the President throwing mud on me when her children, including my own friend Robert Sirleaf holds an American passport and she too stands accused. President Sirleaf appointed a Nigerian to serve as Army Chief of Staff and she is attacking me?

The Liberians that fled after 1980 coup that brought Samuel Doe to power, those that left after Samuel Doe was overthrown in 1990 have acquired American and European citizenships. Liberians that left during and after Charles Taylor are all struggling to get European and American citizenships. Throughout Liberian history, Government officials have sent their wives to give birth in Europe and America just so their kids can become Europeans and Americans, which for them is an insurance policy.

I was born in the village of Bolahun in Lofa County. I was not privileged to be born in America like her son, my friend Robert Sirleaf. America gave me a lot as a poor boy from Bolahun, who did not even have slippers to wear much less shoes. I had to hunt in the deep forest in Bolahun for bush meat and also went fishing for fish to put food on the table for my parents.  For recreation purposes, I butt-skated on dusty bugger-bug hills, with my trouser often torn from bumpy and coarse hills. I had no inkling there was anything like roller-skate until I got to the America. So for me, America gave me a lot as a poor boy from Bolahun.

All day her Government is dependent on European and American taxpayers. All day her citizens are dependent on Western Union and Money Gram transmitted by us living in America and Europe. All day, Liberians stand on line to get a one time opportunity to come to America. All day Liberians apply for DV to come to America to experience the wonderful American dream.

For months President Sirleaf hustled to meet U.S. President Barrack Obama. She sat in a booth just to meet U.S. Congressional aides. All day she hustled to convince Liberians that America supports her. All day President Sirleaf boasted for being the single Liberian President to visit the White House 4 times. But she is trying to badmouth me for having what she alleged “American citizenship.” What would Madam Sirleaf achieve if I lobbied against her Government so that my “American” taxes do not go to Liberia in view of the massive corruption in her Government?

The U.S population is 308 million (U.S. Census 2010). I am glad that a poor fisher man, hunter and butt-skater from Bolahun, Lofa County was chosen as the single U.S. Nominee for Under-Secretary General Job at the UN and that I was offered the third post at the UN at age 36.  There are far more competent people in America than John Morlu. But America also nominated Kofi Annan as Secretary General and the Ghanaians were very proud of Mr. Annan. He was not vilified like me by his President.  Anyway, this too is Liberia!

My nomination by the U.S. Government should have been a matter of pride to any Liberian President, except for Madam Sirleaf. But she said it twice, “He did not get it. He did not get it,” as though she was glowing for my defeat when I competed against 267, then 113 and then 3 equally qualified international professionals. In America, people usually apply to 100 jobs to get 10 interviews with the hope of landing at a JOB. Again, I was offered a post higher than the post she held at the United Nations. Thank God!

President Sirleaf’s Allegation: Morlu Compromised My Personal Secretary

“The other thing is he compromised my personal secretary.  We were warned by somebody in the GAC that she was giving information to him and so we entered her email and we saw exchanges. We quietly sent her to school we did not want any talk. So we just paid for her to go to law school. She said she wanted to go to law school so we said when she finishes law school we will put you in another position. Compromised my personal secretary. “

Facts: Did not Compromise President’s Personal Secretary

As Auditor General, I received communications from Elva Richardson, Margaret Tambi and Dr. Edward McClain. At no time, did I receive any information from any of them that was not authorized by the President. The information I received was transmitted by the President through them. Unfortunately, as it is now the case for the President to throw mud at me, she did not indicate the nature of information her “personal secretary” sent to me. For instance, did she send me the President’s payment vouchers that I had access to legally? The President should provide some evidence of emails or any inappropriate communication between me and her “personal secretary.”

President’s evidence is that, “(she was) warned by somebody in the GAC.” Is she saying she had her own “James Bond” in the GAC to spy on me and my staff?  Not surprising though, because she was so desperate to get at me. This is why I always kept a watch on myself. Now GAC has to be careful since President Sirleaf’s spies are in the GAC. Unfortunately, the best her spy could do for her was to spit gossip, which she welcomed.

For 4 years, President Sirleaf did not even confront me once that her “personal secretary” was giving me information. But she was brave to ask me whether I wanted to be President in 2008 and she could not confront me on her “personal secretary” giving me information? This beats logic.

For someone like me, with forensic background and knowing that the Executive Mansion email was vulnerable as reflected in the emails that leaked in Knuckles Gate II as published by FPA, would I also allow some personal secretary to send me unauthorized and privileged information via Executive Mansion email system? I cannot be that dumb. I have background in computer forensics and digital technology, as I worked for a firm that is the oldest tech company in the world. I audit these systems, so I am quite familiar with them.

President Sirleaf is afraid because she knows my ability to get information in and outside of Liberia. I spent days LEGALLY following the money trail in Government.

I found it quite paradoxical that the President says she is sending to law school a personal secretary who sent me unauthorized information, who was my “James Bond.” The President says after law school she will rehire my personal “spy” in a different position. I thought people who engage in espionage get prosecuted and thrown in prison. But for President Sirleaf, such person is sent to law school and then rehired later in a different position. 

President Sirleaf: Offered Morlu a Job

“I even said to him – and he knows did, ‘you’ve been fighting this corruption from a place where you can’t do anything about it, let me put you in a position where you will really make an impact and a difference. He said, are you offering me a position? I said yes, but then we never followed that through.”

Facts: President Sirleaf Offered  the Post of Minister of Finance

I do agree that President Sirleaf offered me a post to work in cabinet. She said in December 2010 that she wanted me to assist her to solve the corruption problem in cabinet because I had such broad understanding of Government and financial management. We had a lengthy discussion that day. I told her I could not accept the post of Minister of Finance or any other post in Cabinet.

First, I did not think the timing was correct. I did not want to leave AG post to become Minister of Finance in an election year to be pressured to finance the Unity Party campaign and then lose my integrity in the process.

Second, I did not want a post from Augustine K. Ngafuan. She promised me she would make him Minister of Commerce or Minister of Information. But my own family would have “killed” me had I taken a job from Ngafuan, as our families have been very close netted.

Third, I had the instinct the job offered was a trap and this is why she was willing to pay me more than twice what EU was paying me plus benefits. Madam President wanted to sack me and disgrace me publicly had I accepted the position of Finance Minister. I spoke to several professionals and all advised me against accepting the job, as they all said it was a big trap. In fact some argued that Madam will set me up and charge me with a financial crime just to punish and disgrace me, as Madam was vindictive and personal.

Rodney D. Sieh knows all about the post that Sirleaf offered me. Rodney advised me not to take it because it was a trap to get me and then she will fire me publicly to disgrace me. He was right. Madam President can ask my brother Rodney.  But all in all, Rodney and others were correct. My own instinct was correct, giving the venom that Madam spitted on me in her interview and the level of anger she has shown the world she has against me, as a person. This is sheer wickedness to offer me a job knowing that she wanted to entrap me and disgrace me publicly.

She told me to think about it and I said there was nothing to think about because I will not do it. She told me then I will not reappoint you as AG and I said that is fine. I would return to America in April. She said say hello to Angie and the kids and I thanked her for the opportunity to serve in her Government. And then she insisted again that I should think about it and I looked at her and said, “Madam, I will do just about anything for you but do not want to serve in cabinet at this time”.

She indicated to me which was confirmed by an official of a foreign Government that I would be paid US$32,000 per month plus insurance and other benefits if I accepted the Minister of Finance post. I turned it down. I really wanted to help her because I saw at that point she really needed my help but I just could not come around to accepting the post of Minister of Finance.

I do not think President Sirleaf means all the nasty stuff she says about me. In the end, she offered me a Cabinet job in December 2010, although she claimed I hate her, I have a political agenda, and I am an “American citizen,” etc. She likes me personally a whole lot, because she said she trusts and likes me most and this is why she selected me to do her book proposal. But she says I am stubborn and frisky.  She is my friend’s mother. Am I kidding myself or what?

In Conclusion

I have received thousands of emails to encourage me in the face of massive attacks from Madam and her handlers and hangers-on. This email from a professional friend said it best:  

(Sirleaf) is a politician at the end of the day and a wily one. Still she was not as sharp as she used to be in her interview… She seemed tired and frustrated and out of touch. I think she's slowing down, maybe getting angrier that her legacy will not be as she hoped.”

I disagree that Sirleaf is wily. I think instead she is “Wil E. Coyote,” a Looney Tunes character. All Coyote’s scheming always failed. For instance, Madam President schemed on me that I broke a door at RIA as though I was Mr. Rambo. She prevented me from leaving Liberia for Christmas in 2007. She knew my wife had a broken leg and she needed me but Sirleaf refused to let me go. She finally did because she learned I was headed to the Supreme Court to sue her. She schemed that I sexually harassed a female employee old enough to be “my mother,” knowing that this could never be true in Liberia in my case. All schemes against me failed in all 4 years.

 I also told Madam Sirleaf once in 2008 that she was like Eddie Murphy in the movie “Trading Places”, stealing from herself. She looked at me and said, “Take that back” but I said no it is true you are Eddie Murphy in Trading Places.  Go and ask any Minister in her Government. There is so much confusion in the ministries and agencies because she will send a person as a minister and then follow that person by sending confusionists as deputies and assistant ministers. In the end, the efficiency level of Government under Madam President is barely 20 percent because most officials are struggling to outdo one and another, which in the end undermines her own very administration.  This is an open secret.

Others say Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a “political Maradona,” always think she can outsmart people. She can score a goal with her hands and pretend that it was head that hit the ball in the goal. Still, others say she is a “Chameleon,” always changing colors to hide her true identity.  Now she calls herself “Monkey,” an inconsistent, unstable and scheming animal that jumps from tree to tree. Anyone who has kept a monkey as a pet will know that a monkey can scheme and monkey can steal. Monkey is like a Cat in America, always sneaky. Baboon, on the other hand is stable, quiet and consistent animal that says what it means and does what it says.

This is why for 6 years “Monkey” forgot Liberia and the Liberian people, because Monkey was jumping from one plane to the next all over the world. Monkey landed in Liberia in January 2011 only to learn that the time was over. That is hard reality for monkey because she is so concerned about her tarnished legacy on corruption and impunity.

Monkey said in 2005 just give me 6 years and then that is it. Monkey now says give me another 6 years because I spent all my time in the plane to get awards from all the organizations in the world. Monkey is scheming because in 2017 Monkey will say again give me one more chance to continue in the plane. We know that monkey is old and so monkey is picking chance to die in the chair, because she will spend millions in taxpayers’ money for the Legislature to grant “Monkey” a third term. This Liberian Monkey will NEVER finish working. She wants baboon to wait forever while she and her other monkeys steal the entire bunch of banana. That is the BIG technique monkey playing. Monkey will not implement any audit reports, because she is saying she will implement but then also saying they are biased and political.

I hope Madam Sirleaf can leave me along, as I have moved beyond her. Instead of asking me to repent, she and her Government should go before the Altar and repent for stealing public monies, because one of God’s Ten Commandment is “Thou Shall Not Steal.” Another God’s Commandment that she and Government have broken is “Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness against Thou Neighbor.” In all seriousness, if one were to judge Sirleaf and her administration by the Ten Commandments, they will fail on all counts. Test it and you will see the result. But each Sunday, she and her Government officials go to Church, all pretending and then on Monday to Saturday, they steal and mismanage public funds.

By Sirleaf’s constant attacks, she had fortunately made me the Third Rail in Liberia. I just hope again she and her hangers-on can leave me alone, since I have been fired by her. I have moved on. It was never personal…it was all professional, and as the President of Liberia, she must not lose her cool over me.


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